What is Healthy University?

Logo UMH SaludableThe University Miguel Hernández of Elche as a multidisciplinary setting in which professionals are trained in various fields related to health promotion, has established lines of action to implement all kinds of activities and projects with the common goal of promoting health in all academic areas, developing a culture of healthy habits, including training on healthy lifestyles.

UMH aims to promote healthy actions and activities carried out from different services, units or bodies involved in the Project Healthy UMH.

Our overall objective is Health Promotion, a cornerstone for the achievement of other specific objectives:

  • Encourage the comprehensive training of members of the university community in health promotion and the creation of healthy work scopes at each Campus.
  • Develop new research focused on health care, primary health care, prevention and positive health.
  • Promote an applied within the university on ‘Healthy Food’ research.
  • Promote awareness, exchange of experiences and dissemination to other sectors and institutions at local and regional level related to the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

You can get all this information and more at the UMH Healthy Brochure. We invite you to let yourselves fall anywhere, your visits and your comments are critical for further improvement.

*Note: This text has been translated using a machine translation engine.